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guano_organics04Guano organics bat Guano is a super fertilizer, ECOCERT certified to use in organic farming. It contains macro and micro elements aswell as beneficial micro-organisms that cannot be duplicated by a chemical fertilizer. When used correctly it is practically impossible to inflict your plants with accidental nutrient burn. Its long-lasting positive effects deliver a healthy investment.

Bat Guano goes through a process of natural decomposition aided by guano beetles and decomposing microbes, which help control many soil-borne diseases. It has got bioremediation capabilities.

All nutrients your plants need

Guano organics bat guano is an exceptionally rich source of natural nutrients that supplies many beneficial enzymes and bacteria, large amounts of minor and trace minerals as well as high amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Nitrogen promotes rapid, green growth, phosphorus promotes root growth and supports flowering, while potassium helps plants grow strong stems.

Quality, volume and taste

Organic production and soil remediation is not the only benefit that Bat Guano offers. Even more noticable is the healthy and tasteful result on your kitchen table. Our Guano Fertilizer is also vegetarian friendly.


Soil improvement

Bat guano benefits the texture of the soil. It helps hold together loose soil and makes dense soil lighter. Guano is not easily flushed out of the soil, so it benefits the plants and soil much longer than inorganic fertilizers which are more readily displaced.

Bat guano contains microbes which benefit the soil and plants. These microbes help to break down toxins in the soil and act as a natural fungicide when it is fed to plants via their leaves. The microbes can increase water-holding capacity and air space by loosening the soil. Bat guano microbes are also efficient decomposers and help control the incidence of soil diseases and dangerous root-knot nematodes.

The end result is a natural organic fertilizer that improves the natural balance of the soil without increasing either salt content or acidity.