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guano_organics08Bat Guano makes an excellent fertilizer. It’s fast-acting, has little odor, and can be worked into the soil prior to planting or during active growth. Typically, this fertilizer is applied in smaller quantities than other types of manure, it is concentrated and highly soluble.

The fertilizer can be incorporated directly into the soil or turned into a liquid fertilizer and applied to foliage or dispersed through an irrigation system. When applied to leaves, bat guano fertilizer can ward off fungal diseases.

An easy way to apply this fertilizer is in a tea form, which provides for deep root feeding. Making Bat Guano tea is easy. The bat dung is simply steeped in warm water overnight and then it’s ready for use when watering plants.  As a foliar spray apply bat guano tea using a fine mist either in the early morning or pre-dusk. For root application, apply at the root zone followed by watering to facilitate nutrients into the root system. Use up the bat guano tea within a day.

guano_organics07Most common application is in solid form in potting mixes or as a top dressing on large fields and small gardens, worked into the soil. Guano supplies both fast and slow release nutrients to the soil biological system. It is applied in much smaller amounts than most of the other organic fertilizers.

Bat guano can also be added to a compost pile to speed the decomposition process.

Bat guano can be used in indoor and outdoor cultivation. It doesn’t have a foul odour.


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Adjust according to soil quality and plant variety.



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