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Farmer woman walking in corn fields at early morningWe are an environmentally friendly company, that is why we carefully select products that are environmentally and socially sustainable. We take good care that our partners care about the environment, employ local population, pay a fair price and give back a piece of the earnings into the local education system.

We purchase from suppliers who support the construction and rehabilitation of infrastructure in very remote communities by participating in the creation of roads and tracks, for example, or by pressing the school reconstruction after natural disasters, or distributing school supplies to schoolchildren.

In the context of agricultural development, we work with farmers and cooporatives to share experience, knowledge and skills with young people and those who work in agriculture through training and technical support.

IGreater short-nosed fruit bat (Cynopterus sphinx)n supporting the promotion of agriculture, which is one of the solutions to fight world hunger, we wish to contribute to the fight against food insecurity.

The environmental protection ensures sustainability and durability to our company. Our partners minimize impacts on the ecosystems involved and their components; like caves, surrounding forests, bats, …

We respect the nature and don’t buy raw materials from areas being irresponsibly exploited. We respect the mammals which help us fertilize our fields and produce the food we eat.
We share the responsibility for the nature and when buying our product – so do you.