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Highest quality products

Our products are harvested in Africa under optimal conditions and processed to pellets and into a highly concentrated liquid in Europe. All our products are approved by Ecocert and suitable for organic farming. Did you know that our products improve microlife and the quality of the soil.

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Alternative to mineral fertilizers

If you could choose to grow your crops with a mineral (chemical) fertilizer or instead use a 100% organic fertilizer and achieve the same or even better results at a comparable price, would you have to think twice? While mineral fertilizers destroy the soil, our product remediates the soil and promotes microlife.
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Our responsibility

We are an environmentally friendly company, that is why we carefully select products that are environmentally and socially sustainable. We take good care that our partners care about the environmentemploy local population, pay a fair price and give back a piece of the earnings into the local education system.

Increment of the crops, better taste, higher nutritional values

We know that is essential for you to use products that improve yield and the quality of flowers, vegetables or fruits. That’s why we suggest to use our 100% organic product with products you already use. Then gradually reduce your old fertilizer and notice the difference. Mother earth will be grateful and return the favour.

We are aware that we are not alone on the planet, that’s why we are responsible for the nature, for the society, for the farmer to have a bigger high quality crop and for the consumer to get a high nutritional product.